Combine LED flashing fun and usefulness with our LED flashing accessories! The accessories will be great to draw attention at your next dance or party, but they’re also perfect for increased safety and visibility at night. They are ideal to have for jogging and walking your dog at night. Use them as a safety precaution for your kids so they can be seen better in the dark on their way back from school. Look at our LED flashing fingertips, the unique light-up flashing shoe laces, or the ultra-unique furry leg warmers!

It’s not always parties and raves where LED flashing accessories will literally shine. Our unique accessories are proof that you can combine LED flashing fun with true usefulness, to increase safety and visibility at night. They are great to have for so many occasions, whether you enjoy the occasional night time jog or want to be seen when you walk your dog at night. They are also ideal to give to your kids. Not only will they love the flashing colors, it will make them safer on their way to or back from school in the darker months of the year.

Our LED flashing fingertips gloves are truly unique and make a perfect and subtle accessory for your next night out dancing or partying. Each fingertip will light up brightly in Blue or Green and you can easily switch them on or off. You will literally have LED flashing fun at your fingertips whenever you want. They’re also ideal to increase your own visibility. Get a pair and wear them for night time jogs around the block. Dog lovers will truly appreciate them because they are fantastic accessories to have when you walk your dog in the evening. Increase safety and visibility and keep your hands warm too. What’s more, batteries are included so you can use them right away.

The light-up flashing shoe laces will add a touch of flair and creativity to your ensemble. They are great to have for dancing and partying. Turn your old sneakers or boots into real eye catchers by letting them flash and blink in many colors. They also make the perfect accessory for sports enthusiasts to increase visibility at dusk or at night. Whether you enjoy nighttime jogging or want to be seen better riding your bike, those are a must-have. Like our fingertip gloves, the light-up shoe laces are also great to have for anyone who owns a dog for better visibility at night.

LED Flashing Fun and Increased Visibility for Your Kids

Your kids will love the flashing show laces and fingertip gloves and you will feel at ease knowing they can be seen better at dusk and at night. Great to have for Halloween when they are out trick-or-treating, but they make great accessories as well for daily walks home, especially in the darker months of the year.

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