About GlowUniverse

We started GlowUniverse.com in 2002  with a simple plan: provide customers with the best glowsticks and great personal service. This proved to be a winning combination, and GlowUniverse grew into one of the leading suppliers of glowsticks and light-up novelties. We are based in Maryland, with our main warehouse near the Port of Balitmore, and we source our glow sticks and other luminous wonders directly from manufacturers, ensuring you fresh products and the greatest possible variety of exciting stuff. Over the years, we've added a great staff so we can provide the outstanding service you deserve. Our Glow Team leaders:

  • Andrew Green is the owner of GlowUniverse. Andrew started his career in software development in Silicon Valley.  He gained ecommerce experience with VarsityBooks.com and Primeshot.  Andrew is actively involved in the company and enjoys working directly with customers.  He lives outside Washington DC with his wife, son, and identical twin daughters. 

  • Shaun H is the GlowUniverse Customer Service Lead. Shaun knows our products backwards and forwards, and he can answer any question you have about any of our products.

  • Matt E is our Website Operations Manager.  Matt keeps the website running smoothly and makes sure we keep our site humming along smoothly.  Matt knows a ton about glow products too, so don't be suprised to catch him on the phone or in a live chat session..

  • Cain is our Warehouse Manager. Cain applies his Navy training to run a tight ship around the warehouse. Cain's incredible warehouse team gets every order placed before 5:00 p.m  shipped the same day.  It is a challenge during peak periods but he can make it happen. 

We're a small company. And when you call us, you might reach any member of our staff -- but you will reach a member of our staff, not someone in a call center far away. We're all happy to help, and we're happy to learn how we can serve you better.


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